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Organizing Property and Evidencene by Joyce Riba
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Audit/Consulting Services

Evidence Control Systems, Inc. (818) 846-2963
Evidence Control Systems, Inc. has been providing property and evidence management consulting services since 1984 in both the United States and Canada. The members of ECS have over 120 years of law enforcement experience.

Forensic Science Network (FSN), LLC (803) 233-4724 (fax)
FSN was established to primarily assist coroners and pathologists in the interpretation of toxicology reports, and to provide comprehensive toxicology testing with rapid turnaround times at affordable prices. FSN acts as a gatekeeper for clients and toxicology laboratory testing, ensuring that thorough analysis and review of each report is performed. Reviewed toxicology reports are digitally signed and sent directly to clients via our secure client web area.


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Computers, Software & Bar Coding

ACE, by Software Techniques, Inc. (540) 721 1000
Providing complete barcode Property and Evidence Management systems. ACE Serves the largest metro departments; as well as a basic yet complete ACE Express barcode system design to meet the needs of rural departments. Each provides an unalterable chain of custody, audit and tracking features. ACE meets your department needs and provide the system you want.

Advanced Imaging Solutions Inc. (504) 888-7415
Advanced Imaging Solutions is the leading supplier of PADtrax RFID for evidence, assets & weapons accountability. The PADtrax solution consists of customizable software that easily integrates with most report management systems (RMS), as well as hardware, RFID sensors and handheld scanners that also have the same customized software onboard. This is not your average off-the-shelf handheld scanner or RFID evidence room software. Checks and balances include text alerts to designated officials, records management process and file flow, reconcile reports , inventory reporting, destruction alerts, pick tickets and an electronic signature pad for chain-of-custody recording.

Colvin Packaging Products (714) 630-3850
CP Products is a manufacturer of quality evidence storage boxes. We will assist you with your evidence storage requirements and come up with a solution to any storage challenges you may have. We specialize in the custom design and manufacturing of boxes and bins that maximize your storage space.

Cummins Allison ,
 (800) 786-5528
Automate the counting, imaging and documentation of cash with the fastest, most accurate machine on the market. Cummins Allison provides products that automatically capture a high-resolution image of every bill - including the serial number - and stores this information in a database for easy look-up. Save time. Simplify evidence management. Get back on the street.

FileOnQ/EvidenceOnQ (800) 603-6802
EvidenceOnQ™ is a powerful, flexible and easy to use evidence software solution for managing everything in your property room. It provides law enforcement agencies an automated, barcode system to manage and track property and evidence for the complete life-cycle. See our ad on the home page.

Foray Technologies (619) 858-1360
The ADAMS Property and Evidence solution is a web-based, fully automated, turnkey solution that lets you efficiently check items into and out of your property rooms as well as locate and retrieve those items, reconcile the contents of your property rooms and limit your physical evidence storage requirements through accurate records management and disposal of your physical evidence. In addition, this dynamic solution is integrated completely with the ADAMS digital evidence system, which allows you to acquire, view, print and track your digital evidence as well as your physical evidence using a single, sophisticated solution that is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

The Percs Index, Inc. (866) 461-4669
Easy to use barcode Evidence Management Systems for Law Enforcement agencies. Also provider of Quarter Master, Equipment Tracking, File Tracking and Asset Management systems for Police departments.

Porter Lee Corporation (847) 985-2060
The “Crime Fighter BEAST”, Bar Coded Evidence Analysis Statistics and Tracking. The Software program provides Forensic Laboratory Information Management and evidence handling from crime scene collection through the Forensic Lab to the final disposition. Porter Lee Corporation provides Software, Hardware, Installation, Training, and Support. Oracle databases are directly supported.

Progressive Microtechnology, Inc. (PMI) (800) 325-7636
PMI has been providing bar-coding systems for industry since 1984 and law enforcement for the past 15 years. Our PMI Evidence Tracker™ system will give you the easiest to use, most economical and Cop friendly evidence management system on the market today. PMI Evidence Tracker™ is a powerful evidence management tool that was developed by Cops for Cops to dramatically reduce your workload by providing an automated control system for managing both evidence and physical property. Affordable and easy to use, yet powerful enough to keep detailed information about each piece of evidence, our PMI Evidence Tracker™ provides a simple answer to a complex problem.

QueTel - Evidence Traq (800) 354-6777
Make bar codes work in your property room. Complete audit trail - Chain of custody - Security access - Extended security option - Bar codes.

Tracker Products (859) 746-9700
Make bar codes work in your property room. Complete audit trail - Chain of custody - Security access - Extended security option - Bar codes.

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National Bike Registry (NBR) (800) 848-BIKE
Return more bikes to their owners (and make your job a little easier at the same time).

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Packaging and Supplies

Forensics Source (800) 852-0300
Our extensive line of offerings makes us the world’s premier marketplace of supplies and equipment for professionals in forensics, crime scene investigation, law enforcement, criminal justice, and corporate security.

Lightning Powder Company, Inc. (800) 852-0300 or (904) 485-1836
Lightning Powder Company, Inc. is an international supplier of crime scene investigation and fingerprinting equipment to law enforcement, including latent fingerprint powders and fingerprinting supplies.

Lynn Peavey Company (800) 255-6499
Innovative solutions to crime scene investigation.

Spex Forensics (800) 657-SPEX or (913) 764-0117
The full fingerprint solution - The quest for identification. Crime scene & lab supplies

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Property and Evidence by the Book
Authored by Joseph Latta, the Executive Director of IAPE, for managers, supervisors, and all Property Room personnel, Property and Evidence By The Book is 250 pages of Certification Standards, definitions, explanations, concepts, forms, photos, case studies and policy elements. There is no other publication on the market like this.

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Elastic Drug Terminator (618) 382-2525
Easy to use incinerator designed for safe efficient disposal of confiscated drugs.

GUNBUSTERS, LLC (636) 489-2060
The Permanet Solution for the Destruction of Confiscated Firearms. (800) 799-2440 Ext 1009
Surplus property disposal over the internet

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Air Clean Systems (919) 255-3220 or (800) 849-0472
Innovators in Ductless Fume Hood and Laminar Flow Hood Technology since 1992.

Air Science (239) 489-0024 or (800) 306-0656
Ductless Fume Hoods, Forensic Products, Chemical Storage Cabinets, Custom Enclosures.

Biological Controls, Inc. (732) 389-8922 or (800) 224-9768
Biological Controls, Inc. MICROCON® Mobile Health Care Air Purification Systems (Healthcare) and Mobile Hospital Air Purification Systems Located in Eatontown, NJ.

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CyberLock (877) 929-2370
CyberLock easily converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system. With electronic lock cylinders, programmable CyberKeys, and CyberAudit software to track and control access to every lock in your facility.

Peter Mangone, Inc. Property & Evidence Tags (800) 338-2448
One-piece self-locking, tamper-evident, evidence tags. Available in a variety of write-on flag sizes, tie-wrap lengths and colours. Manufactured in the USA.

Tufloc (800) 321-0870 or (330) 452-9132
Manufacturer of Evidence Storage Lockers, Gun Lockers, Gun Racks, High-Security Locks

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Cycle Storage Solutions (800) 434-6442
Cycle Storage Solutions, a division of Rudy Rack, specializes in bicycle storage racks that maximize space while protecting the bikes. We also offer floor plan and layout services. Our high quality steel bike racks are hand-made in Wisconsin.

DSM Law Enforcement Products (866) 276-0445
Locker security systems for evidence, firearms and personnel.

Flexcon (908) 871-7000
Containers that hold solutions.

Justice Data Group (888) 834-JUDG (5834)
The Digital Evidence Locker® is designed to solve the problems of processing, storage, and access for digital files of probative value to your agency and its Justice partners.

Peter Mangone, Inc. Property & Evidence Tags (800) 338-2448
One-piece self-locking, tamper-evident, evidence tags. Available in a variety of write-on flag sizes, tie-wrap lengths and colours. Manufactured in the USA.

Quadra-Seals® (800) 338-2448
Secure, durable, and economical. Each Quadra-Seal® is imbedded with a unique number. Pull-Tights Quadra-Seals® can be customized. These tamper-evident security seals are ideal for property boxes, bags, and pouches. Available in assorted lengths and colors. Manufactured in the USA.

Safestore (866) 890-SAFE (890-7233)
SafeStore is the nation’s most trusted provider of secure property and evidence storage, offering a comprehensive range of secure storage solutions for law enforcement agencies on the local, state and Federal level, attorneys, investigators, insurance agencies and the private sector.

Spacesaver (800) 255-8170
Don't waste evidence and property room space on aisles you don't need. Spacesaver high density mobile storage systems can double the storage capacity of existing floor space while providing essential security for items being stored.

Tiffin Metal Products (800) 537-0983
Tiffin Metal Products has been manufacturing Sentinel Security Lockers for over 30 years. You will find our lockers in all areas of: police evidence transfer, evidence storage, court security, crime scene investigations, forensic evidence, etc.

Tufloc (800) 321-0870 or (330) 452-9132
Manufacturer of Evidence Storage Lockers, Gun Lockers, Gun Racks, High-Security Locks

WireCrafters (800) 626-1816 or (502) 363-6691 One of the nation's leading producers of woven wire partitions.  

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