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Property and Evidence

by The Book, 2nd Edition

by Joseph T. Latta, CPES and Gordon A. Bowers

The (IAPE) International Association for Property and Evidence Inc. is pleased to announce that Property and Evidence By The Book 2nd Edition will be available on July 1, 2011. The first edition of Property and Evidence By The Book sold thousands of copies to property room professionals around the world.

The 2nd Edition is the most comprehensive book ever written about the management of the property and evidence function. This edition is over 400 pages of valuable information on how to operate and manage your evidence room. The revised addition is 30% more in total content than the previous edition.

The book was authored by Joseph Latta, the Executive Director of IAPE and President of Evidence Control Systems and Chief Gordon Bowers (ret). With over 75 years of total law enforcement experience, the authors have addressed questions about every critical component of the property and evidence function related to law enforcement. Special attention has been directed to the importance of the handling and storage of critical DNA evidence and its relationship to wrongful convictions. “The Book” has been written for the newest property officer as well as supervisors, managers, police administrators, court exhibits clerks and prosecutors.

Property and Evidence By The Book 2nd Edition is written around the IAPE Certification Standards along with definitions, explanations, concepts, forms, photos, case studies and policy elements.

There is no other publication on the market like this that addresses:

• DNA Storage Issues • Liabilities /Case Studies • Organizational Placement • Management and Staffing • Policies and Procedures • Temporary Storage Methods • Long Term Storage Methods • Layout and Design Scenarios • Construction Considerations • Security Considerations • Documentation • Packaging Standards • Currency Handling • Firearms Handling • Audio Video Tapes • Disposition & Purging • Disposal Procedures • Found Property • Property for Safekeeping • Auction Procedures • Diversion of Evidence • Audits • Inventories • Automation / Bar Coding • Safety Procedures • DNA Storage Issues • Accreditation Standards • Bio-Hazards / Disposals Processes  

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