Property and Evidence By The Book Second Edition by Joseph Latta and Gordon Bowens
Organizing Property and Evidencene by Joyce Riba
IAPE Accreditation information and application
Accreditation Information
IAPE CPES Certifcation information and application
CPES Certification

Guides & Manuals to Download

In an effort to facilitate high property and evidence room standards, IAPE provides the following free, download-able manuals and policies from IAPE as well as other law enforcement agencies. Feel free to adapt and change the wording to suit your agency policies.(please read our liability waiver)*

Albuquerque Property Audit 2009
Arlington PD Police Property Room Follow-Up Audit 2009
Chesapeake audit finds problems with police evidence
Colorado Springs Police Evidence Audit
Richmond VA Property Room Audit 2010
Roanoka Property Room Audit 2005
ROI Documentation of Sex Crime Investigations by Five Detectives in the Special Victims Section of the New Orleans Police Department

Digital Evidence
Digital Evidence and the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Outsourcing the Evidence Room: Moving Digital Evidence to the Cloud
Scientific Working Group on Digital Evience -Digital Evidence (2006)
    -White Paper on Digital Evidence
Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence website

Guides and Manuals
IAPE Professional Standards
Law Enforcement Property & Evidence Audit Guide (CA)
Law Enforcement Property & Evidence Management Guide (CA)
State of Minnesota Best Practices (2011)
CALEA Standards (2006)

Law Enforcement Packaging Manuals
California Justice Department, Evidence Packaging Manual
Dona Ana County, NM Packaging Manual
Maple Grove, MN Property and Evidence Packaging Manual (2009)
Fairfax, VA Packaging Manual
FBI Packaging Manual
Madison, WI Packaging Manual
Mesa, AZ Packaging Manual
Tampa, FL Police Department Packaging Manual
West Manheim Township PD, Property Manual

Law Enforcement Submission Manuals
Alleghency Lab Submission Manual
Delaware evidience guidelines_101508
FBI Forensic Manual
FDLE 2009 Evidence Submission Manual
Idaho Evidence Handbook
Missouri Highway Patrol
New Jersey Evidence_Field Manual
North Carolina Evidence Guide (2012)
NY forensics
Rhode Island Submission and Service Manual
South Dakota Submission Manual
Texas Physical Evidence Manual
VA Crime Lab Sec GO
Washington State Evidence Handbook
Wisconsin Physical Evidence Handbook

Law Enforcement Property Manuals
Burbank PD Property Manual
IAPE Sample Property Manual
Washington County Sheriff's Office Property Evidence Manual
Wash State Property and Evidence Manual
Wisconsin Association for Identification Property & Evidence Manager's Guide

Law Enforcement Miscellaneous Links
DOJ Crime Scene Inv.

IAPE Generic Forms

IAPE Professional Standards

The current vesion of the IAPE Professional Standards may be downloaded:
IAPE Professional Standards (pdf )

You may also download The IAPE Professional Standards by section:

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IAPE Sample Property Manual:

IAPE Generic Forms:


California POST - Police Officer Standards & Training


Law Enforcement Agency Manuals

The following agencies have generously agreed to share their Evidence and Property manuals and policies. Use these as guides for developing or updating your own agency policies.

Burbank PD Property Manual:

Fairfax, VA Property Manual:

Madison, WI Packaging Manual:

Mesa, AZ Packaging Manual:

Tampa (FL) Police Department

This PowerPoint presentation of Evidence Control guidelines show personnel how to package weapons, sharps and narcotics for submission to the Evidence Control Section.

West Manheim Township PD, Property Manual

Many thanks to Toby Wildasin, Property Officer, West Manheim Township Police Dept. for providing this manual.

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The International Association for Property and Evidence Inc. authorizes sharing the attached manuals and forms with other law enforcement agencies as a courtesy, it does not endorse, recommend or encourage its use as policy or procedure for other agencies.

Each agency that uses the manuals, accepts all risks involved in such use, including any civil or criminal liability that may arise. The International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc. or any of its members do not accept responsibility for said use.

Each organization of any type using this data does so at its own risk, and should utilize competent legal counsel in deciding what, if any, part of this data will be used in any way.

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