Property and Evidence By The Book Second Edition by Joseph Latta and Gordon Bowens
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Former Deputy Charged With Stealing Evidence and Falsifying Records

FBI Agent Charged With Falsifying Records, Stealing Drug Evidence

wollyWood Police Department loses accreditation.

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Indiana Police Chief arrested and charged with theft and misconduct.

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An Audit of several New York Police Department evidence and property rooms, including Johnson City, NY, discovered issues in all of them.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Transit Police Department supervisor tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS she took money from the police evidence and property room.

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Prescott Valley PD commander resigns; video shows alleged misconduct

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Ludolow Police Sergeant pleads guilty to stealing drugs from evidence room

Ohio Testing Old Rape Kit Evidence

Detective Accused of Stealing Drugs from Evidence Room

Former Grayson County Detective now on 8-year parole has ankle bracelet removed

Parma Heights detective accused of stealing drugss from department evidence room.

Problems found in Evidence Chain of Custody by Leland, North Carolina Police Department

Police Chief charged with Drug Trafficing

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